Couple Sells Wedding Ring to Survive the Recession


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A wedding ring is a reminder of one’s commitment to a spouse and is meant to be worn as long as the marriage lasts.

However, a couple in Abuja, out of lack and frustration decided to sell their wedding ring in order to fend for themselves and family.

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Sad! The woman was the one who moved the motion to sell the ring. She is in her early 40s and identified herself as Gloria. Gloria is well aware of the possible effect of her decision but knows survival is the first calling of every human.

“You and I know that it is strange for a woman to sell her wedding ring no matter what but that is the only thing I can count on for now and after discussing with my husband, he understood the situation and gave me his consent,” Glory explained.

“My marriage is just 11 years old but I have to take this ugly decision to save my children (tears rolling her cheeks) from the unbearable ugly situation facing us.”

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Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring


As pressing as the need to survive seemed, one will argue that selling off something as symbolic as a wedding band is inappropriate.

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Well, we all know the importance of a ring: it brings individuals, families, and even countries together; it seals the marriage vows and serves as a constant reminder of the commitment. Funnily, people even refer to it as the world’s smallest handcuff; sentence to life imprisonment with one partner.

As valuable as it is, food is more important for survival and every human’s instinct knows that. Anyway, it is well with the nation’s economy. Nigeria must survive no matter what!


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