Dance with Peter: Contestants Stun Judges, 4 Evicted


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Dance with Peter: Contestants Stun Judges, 4 Evicted


Twenty-six contestants in the on-going Dance with Peter, sponsored by telecoms operator, Globacom, are in high spirits at the dance academy, after the shock eviction of four of their colleagues, Manasseh, Ricky, Fearless and Captain Z.

After being divided into six groups, the contestants were given the task to perform the dance moves of PSquare in their videos over the years. One after the other, the groups picked from a ballot, the song they were to perform.

Nekky, Miracle, Bobby Blankson and Kelvin who constituted the first group did “Senorita” one of PSquare’s earliest hits, leaving the judges in awe, including Peter of PSquare. Smiling, he exclaimed jokingly, “don’t take my job from me because you guys did so well.” Paul, his twin, who was one of the guest judges, appeared to be emotional when he said, “I saw the energy you guys displayed and it was great.”

Choreographer, Kaffy, also gave kudos to them, saying, “Awesome performance. Special kudos to the lady among you because she’s the only one and she carried the guys well.”

The judges were particularly not impressed with Team “Get Squared” which comprised MX, Tom Tom, Neon, Amazing Amy and Prince, who danced to the song, ‘Get Squared.’ Peter dismissed their performance, saying,   “the energy was missing for me. It was a fair performance though; nice try.”

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Team “Roll It”, made up of Tjark, Yemi, L’Dee, and G-Xtreme, performed the hit-song, “Roll It,” which the judges were unanimous, was lacking in energy.

T-rubber, C-fly, MOD and Teejay performed the popular “Alingo” dance. They were given a standing ovation by the judges after they wowed the audience with scintillating moves. “These guys are just doing two things at the same time: Alingo and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Where did you come from?” Paul asked rhetorically.


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