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Daniel FC Steps Up To NLO Division 2 – Latest Sports and Football News in Nigeria


By Raymond Nwaduba

New kids on the block, Daniel FC of Gwagwalada, Abuja, which until recently were a renowned and respected football academy, has gained promotion from Nationwide League Division 3, (NLO3) to division 2 (NLO2) in their very first time asking.

The high-flying club, following a scintillating and seamless run in Lafia, Nasarawa state zone w. they prosecuted their matches, made meat of their opponents, Paul E FCT, Sharp Shooters FC Benue, and Konshisha FC Benue, to emerge top of the table in group A with six points.


Although, a depleted side following injury and malaria to key .ers lost in the ceremonial final against Olympic Hybrids FCT, which finished topped group B to determine the overall champion in the Lafia Zone.

The team were undaunted in any way by the loss in the final, having actualized their primary target, which was to secure promotion. The skipper of the side, Abdullateef Abdullazeez, ascribed the great feat to hard work, determination, and dedication to succeed on the part of the .ers.
His words: “We thank God for this huge achievement.


“We were the youngest side ., but we ended up as one of the giants. I think this has everything to do with the attitude of us the .ers. We worked hard, we were determined and very dedicated to succeed .”.
Meanwhile, reacting to the success of the team, the Proprietor of the club, Daniel Felix, a former football .er himself, said “it can only be God, good planning and adequate preparation”.

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