Dashiki Pride Is Putting Cardi B, Blac Chyna In African Prints


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Dashiki Pride

Dashiki Pride is making a statement with African prints and we’re loving the stylish move!

Dashiki Pride keeps putting African aesthetics out there staying firmly rooted in creating tribal looks for a global audience and the best part? They’ve gotten big names including Blac Chyna, Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, Monica Brown and more wearing their designs. Exciting times eh.

Aba Nigeria born sisters in their 20s; Mirian Chinyere Ugokwe, MarySonia Chizoba Ugokwe, and Lilian Chioma Ugokwe launched the brand in 2014 in the US out of their love for unique African print pieces.

Blac Chyna (@dashikipride)

The fashion brand quickly became an Instagram sensation and a favourite amongst celebrities. Monica Brown reached out to the brand in the early days setting off the Afrocentric brand’s profile on fire automatically become a muse for the brand and making the pieces hits amongst celebrities.

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Dashiki Pride

Monica Brown (@dashikipride)

The brand got its first big break when Blac Chyna spotted a look off one of their collections on an episode of the now rested ‘Rob & Chyna’ reality show on E! Giving Dashiki Pride major publicity.

The brands crafts ‘Dashiki’ print into trendy styles like the good old kaftan style the print is a signature for, bomber jackets, kimonos and coats, pants and so on catering to a growing market that desires vibrant African prints.

Mirian co-founder of the clothing brand who came up with the brand once revealed that their background in Aba where they were born as well as having fashion entrepreneurs as parents helped built a solid base for the business, sharing they’ve been “around clothes growing up“.

Dashiki Pride

Common (R) wears a piece from the brand

The founders who hope to see their pieces on Beyonce, Rihanna and Drake sometime soon promises to keep delivering one world class Afrocentric look at a time!


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