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Nothing screams beautiful, colourful, tribal and African like the dashiki does. It originated from West Africa and has been around for centuries. The word “dashiki” actually comes from the hausa term dan ciki, which means “underneath.”

Dashiki has gone beyond the boundaries of Africa to become quite popular in America, even celebrities like Beyonce have been seen wearing one. But you don’t have to be stuck with the regular tunic style it is known for. If you want to rock the trend differently and stylishly, these dashiki styles for ladies is all the inspiration you need.

  1. As A Two Piece

Dashiki made into a kaftan with matching pants is a great way to rock the men’s wear trend. Feeling bold? Add a hat to complete the look.

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


2. Dashiki And Jeans

We love how versatile the dashiki is. For a more laid back look, pair with white sneakers.

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


3. Dashiki Trench Coat

This is our favourite of all the dashiki styles for ladies. Pure elegance! Who woulda thought?

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


4. The Dashiki Tunic

This is the original dashiki design. But we love this black and white version. Very artsy!

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


5. A Shirt Dress

A dashiki shirt dress with thigh high boots. Need we say more?

Dashiki Styles For Ladies

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6. Beach Wear

You’re sure to get stares with this one. No more boring beach clothes.

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


7. Dashiki Bubu

For the love of the bubu. This is the easiest of the dashiki styles for ladies. You can wear as it is or glam it up with accessories.

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


8. Midi Pencil Dress

Notice how the patterns in the fabric seem to outline the curves in her body? Just beautiful!

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


9. Dashiki Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are trendy right now. But wearing yours in dashiki will definitely make you stand out from everyone else.

Dashiki Styles For Ladies


10. Dashiki Kimono
Dashiki Styles For Ladies


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