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David Okereke Tournament: We Are Open To Help Football Talents In Nigeria – Desmond Tra – Latest Sports and Football News in Nigeria


As the five days football talent scouting tournament organized by BG Sports Agency and Dream 2 Reality of the biggest Sports Agency Worldwide, Spocs Global Consulting in conjunction with David Okereke enters its third day, Sports247 Nigeria spoke with one of the foreign scouts monitoring the ongoing event, Desmond Tra of Scouting and Business Development SPOCS Sports Consultants.

After the end of the second day session, Desmond Tra said in the interview that he is excited to be in Nigeria, stating that the country is the next great force to reckon with in every aspect in which sports is the big part of it.

He also stated that the new talents have changed because they are more welcoming and open to new ideas


“I’m happy to be in this country. I have been looking to come . early because I certainly don’t know this country very well because I’m a French citizen.

I came in December, I really enjoyed it because it is the future of everything and sports is one of the biggest parts of it.


The kids are growing up now, we have more new talents . and they are doing exactly the opposite of what the older ones were doing. They want to be nice, they want to be open and they want people to come . and that is why we are ..

We made this happen to help people with this kind of tournament organised by our partners, the business part.”


The French man further stated that Africa is the next focus for them and Nigeria is a very big part of it.

“We are the first company when it comes to African .ers. We need to do more in Africa and we’re looking for new countries to find .ers and Nigeria is one of our biggest places.


We might do more in the future. When I came . the first time in December, we brought a boy from another academy because I went to just one academy for a few weeks so I identified a few .ers, took one with me and I brought him to Sweden.

I know things can work and I want to mark them work,” he concluded.


The five days scouting tournament which began on Monday, 20th, June,2022 at the Legacy Pitch, Surulere, Lagos and will run through to Saturday, 25th June,2022, is aimed to discover young football talents in the grassroots and help them market themselves.

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