Davido/Sophia Saga: Accusations And Counter-accusations Continue


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Davido/Sophia Saga: Accusations And Counter-accusations Continue


The last has not been heard of the child custody saga even when it appears that both parties have reconciled and stopped the tirades.

Even after Davido claimed to have apologised on twitter to Sophia’s uncle, Dele Momodu, the singer is still ranting.

Davido was stopped last week Tuesday night, December 29 from travelling to Dubai with his daughter by Immigration officials at the Lagos International airport after the mother of his baby, Sophia Ajibola Momodu with the help of her uncle, Dele Momodu had reported Davido of child trafficking and whisking away the baby unlawfully from her. The artiste was embittered as a result of this development and he took to the social media to explain his side of the story, opening a can of worms.

Now he has released his daughter’s medical status and blamed Sophia and Dele Momodu for not allowing Imade from getting the much needed help. Explaining how he had accommodated Sophia when she disclosed to him (Davido) that she was pregnant and in the sixth month, making it difficult for her to abort the baby, he said: “My compassion, ignorance, naivety and poor judgment had combined to make me a victim to a much older lady with super cunning sense that was mixed with a vicious and diabolical nature. I stand accused but calmly accepted my responsibility for the sad misadventure that caused me to be a seat-mate with Sophia on a plane that was flying nowhere.”

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Davido warned that nothing should happen to his daughter since the medical trip has been botched. “I now say it loud and clear, should my daughter die, this strange couple are mainly responsible. Mr Dele Momodu should just leave me and my family alone! His daughter is not who had a baby for me, and he has been too much of an absentee uncle to Sophia to have any traction on the moral authority that commands the soul and heart of this matter. Sophia never formally introduced him nor his wife to me, at any time. Why are they now crowding my space and that of my daughter?”.

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But the mother of Davido’s love child, Sophia Momodu brushed aside Davido’s release of a medical report, describing the claims as excuses to take Imade from her.

She said, “On September 15, David’s dad invited us for a meeting that had in attendance two of his friends and Coco (his daughter). In that meeting, David’s dad apologised for the way I was treated in Coco’s residence and said the reason the baby was taken was because medical tests detected marijuana in Imade’s system and he needed to protect her from me and David. I couldn’t understand that because I don’t smoke marijuana and I objected at that meeting, but I was told to stay calm.

“After the meeting, his dad requested I leave my seven-month-old baby with him and told me I could come around to check her anytime. He also promised to pay me some upkeep and provide me with a car. I had to accept because I felt they had good intentions and since I could come to check my baby anytime, it was okay by me. They kept to their promise of the upkeep, but not the car. I didn’t bother since I could afford one. All that matter was my baby. Cannabis was never found in my system; it was a concocted lie to steal away my baby. I don’t smoke; I have never smoked weed let alone smoke while breastfeeding.”


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