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The big day has finally come, and it was as magical as you have always dreamed of. But amidst all, the excitement seems to be fading away gradually and being replaced with an unexpected sad feeling. You tell yourself its nothing serious. But as the days go by, you find yourself sliding into a depressed and unsettled state. You give yourself so many excuses, pushing aside the fact that you are experiencing .-wedding blues. Perhaps, you may be of the notion that such doesn’t exist.

First of all, boredom, sadness, feeling isolated right after your wedding, are just a few symptoms that you might be having the blues. If you are experiencing such, you must realize that it is a normal and understandable process many people go through. Kill the thoughts of superstitions . and there. Rather, try incorporating these few tips on how to deal with it.

Wedding differs from Marriage

The first way out of the blues, is recognizing that your wedding is a total different ball game from your marriage. Take a moment to change your perspective to things. Think about what being married entails. Think about your life and that of your husband’s. Focus on your goals and expectations as a couple. Look out for the positives not the negatives. You are in it for the long run.


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Discover a new passion.

Get obsessed with a new found passion, or better still rekindle an old one. Just do something!


Talk to your husband about it. You are a couple. You do not only share the good times but also the bad. He is your partner and you should able to tell him your feelings. Take comfort in your other half. If there’s anyone that understands you, it should be your partner.

Don’t be put off by the idea of marital counseling. Most times, you need to talk about the feelings with a professional. Have a few sessions. It will help strengthen your communication skills as a couple.

Always know that it is the beginning of a new life with your dream man. You deserve to be happy. Kill the blues and look forward to making beautiful memories.

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