Dear Couples See How To Fix A Broken Relationship After Cheating – Regardless Of What Happened, You Can Still Get Him Back


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Betrayal is a very hurtful feeling that can change the dynamics of any relationship or partnership. This is because the moment one party gets hurt by the infidelity of the other; trust can no longer be guaranteed. A relationship without trust is like a relationship without life. So, how do you fix a broken relationship after cheating regardless of what happened? Can you still get him back? The answer to the questions above is an emphatic yes.

You can get your ex back regardless of what happened in the past by first taking the path of forgiveness. It isn’t clear who cheated from the topic of the article but, irrespective of who committed the act of betrayal, forgiveness is an essential key to reconciliation. You must be ready to forgive yourself (if you cheated) and be ready to forgive your ex (if he cheated). Forgiveness is the first aspect to rebuilding what was broken on the altar of betrayal because if you can forgive the wrong that was done to you and overlook what occurred, then you can say that you are on the path to fully gaining confidence with your ex again.

As much as it will hurt you going back to thinking on the betrayal and contemplating your next move, you must see past all the events that may have transpired, look inwards to examine what possibilities this new relationship holds and take the bold step to letting go of the pain through the essence of forgiveness. Forgiveness will help you begin with a fresh mentality and new insight into what is to come. It will also eradicate everything that may have been toxic in the relationship prior to the break up.

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After taking the bold step to forgiving your ex, you will need to let go of everything that may hinder a full reconciliation. This includes, feelings of anger, regret, remorse, doubt, fear etc. just let go of elements that will not improve your wellbeing in any positive way. You are the one going through the situation so you know more than anyone what you are going through or what you are feeling inside. Now is the time to let go of all of these feelings with a view to building a better relationship devoid of negativities and distracting elements. Let your ex see how much you have grown as a woman and hoe mature you have become towards tolerating issues. Do not let the bad experiences you might have had in the past stop you from accepting a new light that may fix what was broken between you two.

As you forgive and let go of negative feelings, you should also take your ex along with you in this process. Do not embark on this journey of forgiveness alone because the two of you are the parties involved in the dispute thus, the two of you should be able to fix it together as a team. Doing it all alone might not be in your best interest because when you do this, you exclude the very important person you are doing this all for (your ex). So get him involved by making him see the importance of getting back together with you. As you bring him along, you should avoid the temptation of fixing the blame on him because this whole attempt of yours to fix the broken relationship isn’t meant to accuse anyone but to rebuild on what was lost by correcting the errors of the past. As you put these steps to work, you can be sure of getting positive results that will help you fix your relationship regardless of what happened and get your ex back.

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