DEAR LADIES!! Things Your Man Wants You To Know About Your Body


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Dear Wife,

I’ve noticed lately that you’ve been a little down & hard on yourself about your body image. I’m not sure why, bc honestly, I think you’re perfect! As your husband, there are 3 things I want you to know about your body.

1. You are drop-dead gorgeous:
There’s no need for me to beat around the bush here — I think you are stunningly beautiful! I hope you never forget that. I’m very much attracted to you & want to be w/you forever! Yes, we have chemistry! I may not always say what I’m thinking (I am a man after all!), but I’m constantly telling myself how amazing you look & how lucky I am to be your husband.

Sometimes, when you see me do a double take, or sneak a peek, you might think I’m measuring you against some unrealistic standard — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, I just can’t get enough of you! You’re that good looking!

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2. I love you just the way you are:
I appreciate all that you do to take care of yourself & look your best. It’s 1 of the many little ways I know you love me & it totally turns me on. I love our date nights out on the town & feel so lucky & proud having you at my side.

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But there’s 1 important thing I want you to know — I love you just the way you are! In today’s world, it’s become less than shocking to see women revealing every curve & bit of skin possible. Unfortunately, marketing images are often digitally altered — creating an even more unrealistic image of beauty. It’s everywhere — magazines, billboards, television, online ads, etc.


You are constantly bombarded by pressure to look a certain way & to “measure up.” I know you feel it. I see you staring at yourself in the mirror, agonizing over a pound gained or a wrinkle found. I know I can’t entirely solve this problem for you, but let me at least try to put your mind at ease — I love you just the way you are! I’m the lucky person you’ve chosen to share everything w/& let me tell you — you’re beautiful on the inside & out! My love isn’t conditional on how you look, & there’s no 1 I’d rather grow old w/wrinkles & all!

3. Your smile lights up a room:
We’ve been married for a while now, & I love holding you in my arms & being intimate w/you! But I want to remind you that long before I saw all of you, I saw your smile from across the room & that’s what sparked the attraction. Certainly, that attraction has grown over time, but it all started w/that beautiful smile & those sparkling eyes. Your smile is simply contagious!

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 It lights up a room — just like you light up my life. If I’ve had a bad day, nothing can pick me up quite like your smile & the sound of your laugh. Your optimism & fun-loving personality are energizing & super attractive! You don’t have to wear the latest trends & sport the newest looks to grab my attention — all you have to do is smile!

So, dear wife — w/all the stresses & pressures of life, please don’t let your body become 1 of them. Even though I may not verbally express it enough (I’ll try to do better!), you are beautiful. Thanks for being my everything. And remember, I LOVE YOU!

— Your Husband

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