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Dear Readers: Should I Just Let Hubby Off The Hook On This Issue?

Due to the fact that hubby usually ignores this abbreviated number in my presence, I became curious to know who the caller was. He ignored me but when I pushed further, he cheekily said that the caller is his girlfriend.


All through that day, I was in pains. When he noticed I was crying, he knelt down and apologised. He told me that the caller was a father to a student but he never mentioned who the student was when I asked, but I let it slide. He claimed he said it’s his girl friend because I annoyed him.

Two days ago, I found out that the abbreviated number is still the same woman who was constantly calling him on that day. I want to confront hubby about this and why he lied to me about the caller. Is she actually his girlfriend? She is married. My problem is how to go about it without him knowing that I checked his phone or do I just let it go? 


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