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declutter your wardrobe.

You know those clothes that fill up your wardrobe that you never get around to wearing? Those you wear once in a while, say about every six months? It’s time to “do something about them“.

The one we all are guiltiest of, keeping shoes we no longer wear just because! Most of us form attachments to some clothes and bags and we just can’t seem to do away with them even when they are old, wrinkly and worn out. Sorry to burst your bubble but, it is time to declutter your wardrobe.

When you look at the mountain of clothes in your wardrobe; the room you have to totally revamp; the shoes you have to sort out and the old clothes you have to trash, you tend to turn a blind eye. Most times we just say “I’ll tackle it next weekend jare” But it doesn’t have to be so.

declutter your wardrobe

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So let’s talk. When you realize you need to declutter, you’d want to:

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1. Create a list of places in your home you want to declutter

Start with the easiest. Have a clear vision of what you want that space to look like. A mental image spurs you to effect changes. Then, clear out the space. Take everything out and make sure you put like items together.

2. Schedule the decluttering process

You can decide to use a Saturday to work on your wardrobe or closet. To achieve a clutter free environment, you must complete a task one at a time. You can’t do it all at once. Schedule a specific number of hours to the task. Intending to use the whole day is a trap. After you embark on one task – finish it.

declutter your wardrobe.

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3. Sort which of the items are staying and which should go out

Once you’ve decided to keep some items, be sure you are holding on to them for realistic reasons. Resist the temptation of keeping expensive items that you don’t actually wear when you declutter your wardrobe. You can sell or give out the pile to friends, family members, colleagues or charity. Make arrangement to take care of the ‘give away pile’. Don’t procrastinate!

4. Keep up the good work

That decluttered space is not on autopilot, so you have to watch out for clutter as you enjoy the space. Regular upkeep makes it more efficient to do. Besides, you now have less to clean and organize. So make it a habit to declutter your wardrobe at least once in two months. You will be surprised how much clothes you really do not need.

Meanwhile, .’s how you can build or revamp your work wardrobe on a budget!




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