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We are totally . for the Fenty Beauty review from our favorite Nigeria Beauty blogger Dinma Umeh; You know we love Dinma and that’s entirely because her reviews as well as her makeup video’s are very real, there aren’t any partial . to her video’s, she says it as it is and you know that’s what we love about her… She always speaks her TRUTH!!!.

Speaking her Truth!

Hello World

As expected she is once again speaking her truth in this video… For many of us beauty lovers in Nigeria we know how hard it is to get products down ., we have to rely on our friends or family members who are abroad… Others even go as far as using personal shoppers, so we get excited when a product says they ship world wide and then we find that, that is just bullocks…

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This is the same with the Fenty beauty product that says they ship worldwide and yet skip almost all the countries in the African Continent. While we are utterly disappointed by this, we have no choice than to go through the routes we usually take to get these products however we must first check out the video from our favorite Nigerian Blogger-

Watch Dinma Umeh’s Fenty beauty by Rihanna’s review video

.: Dinma Umeh – YouTube

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