Dirty deals of 21 Nigerian prostitutes caught in Spain (video and photos)


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– The 21 Nigerian prostitutes were rescued in Ibiza, Spain by a team of the country’s security operatives and their collaborators from Germany

– They were allegedly kept in a room and only allowed out occasionally to either to buy food or meet with their clients

– Some of the arrested suspects who sponsored the sex slaves were discovered to be cultists of the Supreme Eiye Confraternity

Law enforcement agents in Spain have rescued 21 prostitutes from Nigeria with some of them reportedly about 16 years old.

Daily Mail reports that the Nigerian prostitutes were taken by their sponsors to Ibiza, an area in Spain, for the tourist sex trade after they were first lured into the country with fake promises of jobs.

They were then reportedly forced to work for 14 hours everyday and beaten with brooms and sticks if they could not bring in €1,000 a day.

Among another 24 arrested included two women alleged to be their ringleaders and who have mastered the act of recruiting vulnerable girls.

One of the gang members was said to have been arrested in Germany where he had tried to hide. Daily Mail further revealed that five others were discovered to be members of the 1960s cult called ‘Supreme Eiye Confraternity’.


Money recovered from some of them

The report said the rescue effort was carried out by the Spanish police in collaboration with the Office of Criminal Investigation in Germany and Europol.

The report quoted a police spokesperson as saying: “The network captured very young victims among the lower classes of the major Nigerian cities, deceiving them with false job offers in Spain.

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“Once in our country, they were forced into prostitution in marathon days, being beaten if they did not earn the money demanded by the gang.


Some documents discovered in their possession

“If they didn’t earn 1,000 euros a day, they would be forced to kneel for hours and beaten with sticks and brooms.”

According to the report, the sex slaves were crammed into one apartment 30 square metres with four girls sleeping on one bed. They were only allowed out on few occasions to buy food or to keep an appointment with a client.

The women were allegedly smuggled into Europe using boats and planes with the fake job promises only to be subjected to voodoo rituals and threat that their family members would be killed back home if they refused to remain loyal or if they escaped.


The tiny room where the prostitutes were kept

To be freed, the prostitutes were told that they would have to cough out up to 50,000 pounds through the trade.

The money earned from prostitution, according to the report, was sent to Nigeria through Madrid where a bar was used as the front.

Watch the video:


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