Discover How To Save Big For Your Dream Honeymoon.


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Before you exchange those vows and rings with the one you love and cherish, ask yourselves “can we have our dream honeymoon and still save money? “

Now we all know weddings are expensive and can take a toll on your finances, so why not be prepared rather than be broke on your romantic honeymoon.

. are a few tips for enjoying your dream honeymoon while still smiling to the bank.

1. Search for only all-inclusive deals:

Some travel agencies and sites offer honeymoon deals, so make sure to properly search them out and ensure they are all-inclusive; accommodation, feeding and tours are covered.

2. Honeymoon in “Off season”.

Tour destinations, flights and hotels are cheaper in the off-season as demand is lower. So try and position your calendar towards those periods.

 Discover How To Save Big For Your Dream Honeymoon.

(Whispering Palms)

3. Price check.

Do a price check of tickets and hotel accommodations across the location of interest. Also, look online for reviews from past honeymooners who have subscribed to it.

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Be objective with spending.

Agree with your spouse on the aim of the honeymoon. Do you simply want to relax or are you looking for an adventure with specific intended activities, like safaris, mountain climbing or just spa treatments and city sightings.  Prioritize so you can cut excess spending.

 Discover How To Save Big For Your Dream Honeymoon.



Finally, don’t be afraid to always chip in that you are newlyweds at the nearest opportunity that presents itself. It might earn you freebies, cuts and even upgrades.

. is your perfect wedding planning checklist.


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