Diver Finds Lost Wedding Ring After 37years, Returns it to the Couple


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Last month, a Spanish diver, Jessica Nisos found a wedding ring that has been lost for 37 years and went in search of the owner so she can return it.

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According to Jessica Nisos, the ring was so old and was covered in sediment deep down the Mediterranean when she found it.

The inscription on the inside of the golden ring revealed that the owner got married on Feb. 17, 1979. In an attempt to locate its owner, she cleaned up the ring and announced the discovery on . in August, which was eventually shared up to 80,000 times.

“I found a wedding ring diving off the island of Benidorm,” she wrote. “I wish I could give it back to the owner. It has been lost for a long, long time because it was covered in sediment. It is important to me to return it.”

 “When I looked at it in more detail I realized that it had a name on and date and that it was a wedding ring,” Jessica Cuesta said in a video posted by the BBC. “It was then we felt a little bit sad because you think of the poor person that had lost it.”

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Wedding Ring

. which helped locate the owner of the ring

. was eventually found by the niece of the couple. The couple, Agustín and Juani Aliaga got married on February 17, 1979.  Agustín lost the ring while swimming off Benidorm Island the following summer and since then had given up on the ring because it seemed like there was no hope of getting it back.

“When my wife told Jessica her name, Jessica began shouting with excitement,” Agustín Aliaga said during an interview with Zaragoza newspaper, Heraldo. 

“It was a pleasant surprise,” the 60-year-old resident of  Utebo said. “More than the material value, the most important thing is symbolic and emotional, as it is the ring that we were married with.”

Wedding Ring

On Tuesday, 19th September, Jessica Cuesta finally gave the ring to the owners at a village near the northeastern city of Zaragoza.

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