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What type of hairstyle do you do on a lazy day? This is no news to us as ladies that there are some times we don’t feel like fixing in weaves or braiding, all we want is just to have a light weave that would allow air penetrate properly and still protect our hair and the reason for this feeling can either stem from the fact that we don’t have enough cash at hand for a new look or we can’t be bothered about a salon appointment or we are just generally tired of styling or caressing our head.


Now the whole basis of this post is to give you a hairstyle you can fall back on, and that’s the pigtail french braid hairstyle . The pigtail french braid hairstyle is a protective yet simple and classy hairstyle, the pigtail french braid hairstyle is a traditional hairstyle that gets revamped every time, although at first glance you might assume the braid details are too intricate to master but there are several detours to getting the best out of this look.


Here is a tutorial by curlmedy on how you can create the pigtail french braid hairstyle on your own using:

  • Soft and Hard brush
  • Spaced tooth comb
  • Water in a spritz bottle (h2o)
  • Styling gel
  • Leave-in-conditioner
  • Edge control
  • Marley braids


Note that your hair should be moist to maintain a more relaxed and natural appearance.

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