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DIY Wednesday: Learn How To Make Lightening Body Butter

We will be making a super effective skin lightening body butter for those that want to lighten up to 2-3 shades lighter. This whipped body butter moisturizes the skin and makes it healthy and glowing. 

Many people want to lighten their skin but they waste their hard earned cash to line the pockets of those with malicious intent, who are promoting harmful bleaching products that are packed with synthetic, toxic and even life-threatening chemicals that are proven to cause cancer.

Mixing shea butter with essential oils is an exemplary way of achieving light, even and toned skin. Essential oils are concentrated plant essences extracted mainly through steam distillation of various plant material such as stems, flowers, roots and leaves.

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. are what you will need to make this amazing butter cream;

1tsp beeswax

2tbsp Shea butter

2tbsp mango butter

2tbsp avocado butter

1 tbsp lemon oil

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1 tbsp carrot oil

1tbsp almond oil

5 days lightening serum( use any lightening serum)

Filipino set

1tbsp lactic acid

1tsp preservative

– In a double boiler add your beeswax, butter, lemon oil, carrot oil and almond oil.

– After it all melted bring it down , whip for 5 min and set it aside to harden, you can out it in the fridge.

– Bring it out when it harden and start whipping, mix your Filipino set seperately and add it to your mixture. Continue whipping.

– Add your lightening serum , lactic acid and your preservative and  whip very well.

– Transfer the butter cream into a cleaned sterilized jar or container and it is ready to use.

NOTE: If you do not want this cream to lighten your skin, you can skip the skin lightening powders and oils.




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