Do You Know These Foods Have High Cholesterol…?


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Do You Know These Foods Have High Cholesterol…?

  • Post by Iheoma Hendy on 12 Mar 2016

Cholesterol is needed by the body to keep producing healthy cells, but is only good to a certain extent. High cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease. If you’re healthy, a total daily intake of cholesterol to 300 milligrams or less is advised.

It is important to know and avoid foods that contain saturated and trans fats in order to keep cholesterol levels under check .

Here are ten high cholesterol foods that you can keep away from to ensure good health.


Whole-Fat Dairy Products

cholesterol 1


Milk products that have more than 1% milk fat, cheeses for instance (most of them, anyway), cream and non-dairy coffee creamers are to be cut down on.

Fat-free milk, toned milk and non-fat dairy products are better advised than whole-fat dairy.


 Egg Yolks


Although eggs are a high protein food with lots of health benefits, egg yolks are however loaded with cholesterol and can cause lots of harm. It is advisable to have egg whites and eliminate that yellow part.

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 Fast Foods

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Fast foods like burgers, Shawarmas, fries, packed chips and fried chicken are high in both total fat and saturated fat.

They can be replaced with healthier options like broiled sandwiches, salads with low fat dressing and foods that are not fried.


 Meat, Poultry and Fish

cholesterol 3

As much as these products are good for the health when taken in regulated quantities, it is advisable to limit these to no more than 5 oz (140 g) a day.

Also balance these out by consuming other low-cholesterol foods.

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cholesterol 5

Ice-creams are high in cholesterol and have more fat than a deep-fried snack!  You may turn to homemade fruit ice-creams to satiate those icy cravings.

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A limited amount of alcohol is not harmful; in fact it might have positive effects on your heart. However excessive drinking, especially hard liquor, can raise cholesterol levels to an unwanted degree.


Baked Food Items

cholesterol 6

Yes, you need to cut down on cakes, quick breads, croissants and pastries in general. These foods are made from saturated or hydrogenated fat, whole eggs or whole milk, and can significantly raise the level of cholesterol in your body.

Low-fat baked goods are better options and limit the use of spreads or toppings as well.



cholesterol 8

Nuts are very good snack options for those hunger pangs in between meals, but some of the nuts have high saturated fats.

Only almonds, hazelnuts and pine nuts offer a balanced cholesterol amount.


 Aerated Drinks

cholesterol 7

Aerated drinks are quite high on sugar content. All that sugar can easily affect your cholesterol levels. Aerated drinks are anyways generally not good for your overall health.



cholesterol 10

Facts say cholesterol is produced and stored in the liver. Consuming liver will lead to increased levels of cholesterol, at least temporarily.

It however depends on your body’s requirement, whether the added cholesterol will be used up to meet body functions or contribute to the cholesterol your body won’t use.

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