Do You Know You Can Confirm If Your Partner Is Cheating From His Voice?!?


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Your partner’s voice may reveal all.

For many of us, infidelity is what makes us weary of committed relationships. Whether it’s our own past experiences or a discouraging divorce rate, being cheated on isn’t something we want to go through.

But a study has revealed that the way to peg a cheater is based on the pitch of their voice.

“There are definitely social, cultural and psychological factors as well,” researcher Jillian O’Connor told LiveScience. “But there’s an association between infidelity risk and hormone levels in men and women.”

In the study, researchers asked about 120 male and female college students to make vowel sounds in varying pitches.

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Afterwards, participants determined which pair of voices were most attractive and which pitch they thought belonged to a cheater.

The female students associated the lower-pitched male voices with cheating, while the guys associated the higher-pitched female voices with cheating.

If you’re like us, you’re wondering just how someone’s voice can accurately reveal if they are or will be unfaithful.

Well, researchers believe a person’s voice pitch is . to s*x hormones and the more testosterone a male has, the lower his voice; the more estrogen a woman has, the higher her voice; and the more s*x hormones a person has, the likelier he/she is to cheat.

The study also mentions that focusing on the pitch of someone’s voice can help us determine if he/she will be a great parent. A man who has high testosterone levels is believed to adopt a more dominant behavior and high social status. These are good qualities for our future partner to have, and if we can rule out infidelity, then we can rest assured our partner will not only be good to us but our children as well.

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