Do You Think It’s Okay For The Groom To See Your Wedding Dress?


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It’s usual for the bride and her dress to be in the company of her girlfriends, her mum and even her dad, but is it okay for the groom to see your wedding dress?

If you’re a bride that likes to stick to tradition, you’ll likely say “no, the groom shouldn’t see my dress”.  If you’re not, we understand why you’d say “why not?” For the neutral bride that hasn’t figured out what camp to stick to, these reasons from both sides will help you figure out if it’s okay for the groom to see your wedding dress.

Keep it a secret
groom to see wedding dress

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Some people believe it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to even see each other before the wedding, let alone the wedding dress. T. are also brides that think that this is the best way to surprise everyone on the wedding day, including the groom.

The groom already loves you, so he shouldn’t care about the wedding dress. But as you step down the aisle, emotions will be high and it’ll be more amazing for him to see your new look.

In the olden days, bridesmaids and brides were usually dressed the same to ward off evil spirits. Some traditional brides could say it’s safer for everyone to just wait until later…to avoid “evil eyes”.

Let him see
groom to see your wedding dress

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You don’t have to show him the dress ages in advance, but it can still be a surprise if you see each other on the morning before the ceremony. These days, many photographers give you the option of “first look” photos as a chance to capture your groom’s expression when he sees you; and that’s usually amazing.

Finally, if you had a say in his choice of outfit, it’s only fair that he should get to say something about your dress choice too.

We hope with these points, you can see both sides and decide if the groom should see your dress or not. Check out all you need to consider before choosing bridal jewellery.

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