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Don’t Blame Us, You’ve Let Nigerians Down – Governors Retaliated Against FG

The governors of the 36 states have accused the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari of failing to address the security issues that are halting Nigeria’s economic activities.
Goldennewsng reports that under the direction of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), the governors stated that widespread insecurity in commercial and agricultural activities was to blame for the rising rate of poverty.
They also said that “bandits, insurgents, and kidnappers have turned the country into a killing field” because of the Federal Government.
These remarks were made in a statement that was signed by AbdulRazaque Bello-Barkindo, the NGF’s Director of Media and Public Affairs.
Bello-Barkindo was responding to Clement Agba’s assertions as Minister of State for Budget and National Planning.
He insisted that the relevant projects had helped the governors greatly advance their states.
“The primary reason why people have been unable to engage in regular agrarian activity and commerce is this dereliction of duty from the center.”
In part, Bello-Barkindo’s statement said, “Today, rural areas are insecure, markets are unsafe, travel security is improbable, and life for the common people is typically harsh and brutish.”
He went on to say that Agba’s opinion, which was “based on a survey of 56,000 households in a country of 200 million people,” “can never diminish the good work that 36 governors are doing for this country that are pro-poor-minded.”
. Don’t Blame Us, You’ve Let Nigerians Down – Governors Retaliated Against FG . GoldenNewsNG.


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