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Beans pottage is notorious for irritating bowels, and even if you don’t usually have a problem with it, your wedding day is not the day to take that chance.

Filled with roughage that would normally make your stool bulky, but on your wedding day, means that you’ll have to excuse yourself a couple of times.

Milk and cheese are notorious for causing bowel movements  especially if you’re lactose intolerant.

Coffee is a diuretic, which means that it encourages faster absorption of water and thus excretion too. You’ll feel the urge to pee a lot of times if you drink coffee. It can also cause loose bowels.

Spices irritate your bowels and cause purging. Stay away from peppery foods on the morning of your wedding to prevent accidents.

You can have a nice breakfast without these, don’t worry.

Don’t Eat These Foods On The Morning Of Your Wedding

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And if accidents or other wedding day emergencies do occur, .’s all you need to arrest the situation.


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