Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! Recognize These 6 Things A Good Woman Adds To Man’s Life!


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Sadly, some men recognize true love too late and have to work hard to regain back the woman they “need” in their lives. Well, fellas, if you need help making the decision, here are just a few things a good woman adds to your life.

Now, fellas…assuming you get into a relationship with the right person and it’s a healthy relationship, there is nothing like the peace a good woman brings to your life. When you’re a bachelor, sometimes you get caught up in doing it all on your own. And you get caught up running the streets, and we all know that comes with a lot of drama. Now this isn’t to say that you and your woman won’t have disagreements or strife sometimes, but the peace of knowing you have a partner who has your back and who you will have a content home life is priceless.

It’s just something about the feminine touch a woman gives to your house. As great as you think your interior designing skills might be, there is just something comforting about walking into a home that a woman has put her spell on. Maybe it’s the smells and scents, the drapes, the comforter on the bed or the pride she takes when company is coming over, but some women work wonders in a house. It just feels great walking into!

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Some of the most successful men I know attribute a lot of their success to their women because these women support them and help them to focus on building and growing. Most things you want in life take focus, and when you’re focused on making one woman happy instead of a plethora of them, it frees up time for you to focus on building and chasing your own dreams. A good woman will invest in you, and you will invest in her. And the focus that comes with that partnership will help take you to the next level!

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I know you think you know everything, guys, but when you have a good woman in your life, she can offer new perspectives and help fill in gaps. Women are different, and they pay attention to details that may never even cross your mind. Two eyes, two minds and two different perspectives add value in many ways. This is truly a case where two is much better than one.

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As men, we are expected to be as hard as possible all of the time. Because of this when we show any sign of feelings or weakness, it isn’t regarded by society very well. Men have to have their guard up all of the time, but a good woman does a good job of giving her man a place to be vulnerable. For a man, it’s a very, very precious thing to be able to feel, release emotions and be vulnerable in a place that’s safe and free of judgment.

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Everybody desires to be able to be their true and authentic selves and to still be loved in spite of. A good woman will allow you to do that and still love you anyway. She can be the place where you don’t have to “put on” or fake it just to be accepted or loved. Even if you’re hiding a secret obsession with Candy Crush or Star Wars collectibles (though she may judge), she’ll love you all the same. The unconditional love can be life changing!

These are just a few of the things a good woman can provide to a man’s life. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a man to lose or be on the verge of losing the woman he loves to realize HOW valuable she truly is. Don’t be like “TGT” begging and saying how much you “NEED” her after it’s too late!


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