Dress Styles For Vacation. Best Of Summer 2018 Vol. 2


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Summer is almost out but these ladies aren’t letting that stop them one bit. They have been showing off elegant dress styles in addition to the most breath-taking scenery ever!

The ‘gram never rests literally! There’s always one thing or the other to feed our focus or distractions (we can’t help our guilty pleasures). This time around, we have some of our fashion favourites jet-setting across the globe. However, our hearts can’t take the colourful, glamorous and elegant dress styles their trips have borne.

Instagram / Hafymo

Even more amazing is the fact that most of these ladies continue to set the bar for project wear Nigerian brand real high. Maju, Bloom By FBD, Elora Collection are some of the Nigerian fashion brands that have made their mark internationally.

Instagram / Chioma Good Hair

Instagram / Ozinna

Sassy see-through dresses, flirty floral prints dresses, and super elegant dresses with frill details are all huge statement makers. For that reason, these ladies chose quite a number to help them execute their foreign fashion hit.

Instagram / Mimi Onalaja

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From Chioma Good Hair in a double Bloom By FBD slay, Ozinna in Maju, Mimi Onalaja in Andrea Iyamah and Muse Factory, these dress styles are a must-see style inspirations.

Instagram / JTO Fashion

Instagram / Veronica Odeka

Instagram / Mimi Onalaja

Instagram / Abi KD

Instagram / Chioma Good Hair

The distinct colour tones, unique fabric choices, and brilliant style execution are the reasons these dress styles rank so high on our list! They are truly the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to fashion!

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