Dressing For The Red Carpet For VGMA 2018

The red carpet has been the place to check out the most glamorous and sensational fashion and in few hours, Ghana will host one of the biggest music awards shows in the country “Ghana Music Awards “. Already the nominations are out and all stars are gearing up for the awards ceremony. The awards night is one of Ghana’s biggest nights in the music industry.

As they are routing for the event, we’re getting our cameras and fashion critics ready for the red carpet. Our goal for this year’s event is to see most of our stars wearing debonair, exquisite, alluring and ethical outfits on the red carpet but should also consider choosing the appropriate outfits for the night and not fashion faux pas wears!  Remember the price of an out do not guarantee the best dress .The following guidelines should assist an attendee to choose the best outfit for the night.

KEEP IT SIMPLE (sometimes all you need is keeping it simple on the red carpet but not too simple .a simple pencil black dress could be basic for the red carpet, but accessorizing it could give the dress an alluring appeal for the cameras .Avoid putting too much of eye shadow and loud lipsticks .it’s just an award show not a drag show.

DON’T BE TOO TACKY … if your dress is not ready to go out do not force it, opt for a different outfit. Unfinished garments could be disastrous for the red carpet especially when the unforeseen happens. Avoid putting 3 or more unique apparels into the same look, you might end up looking disastrous pull out the attention from the main garment and also try keeping your hair very sleek and well kept.


ACCESSORIZE TO EMPHASIZE. One of the key roles in putting up a look for the red carpet is accessorizing. It plays every important role in your look by given the garment a different look and appeal. (Just like the example cited in the paragraph 3)

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: Why look like the rainbow and a clown on the red carpet when you can easily choose secondary and primary colours for a match up. If you are looking at wearing a brighter outfit, consider having a minimal make up (nude) and always allow your make up to set before arriving on the red carpet. This will avoid appearing on the red carpet with any shinny face in pictures.


Dress To Fit ( no oversize suits and gowns  ) well a lot of celebrities are fond of wearing over size suits and gowns to event that look borrowed  … why not sow to fit ?


Keep a Smile:  One is not fully dressed without a simple don’t ignore it!


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