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Easy Ways to Banish Visible Panty Lines In Tight Dresses

I bought this lovely gown for an event a while ago. This dress had everything that could make me the center of attention; it matched my skin tone, emphasized my figure, and was stunning in its own right.
But, as soon as I put on the dress for the event, I noticed a problem: my panty lines were visible!
It was really embarrassing for me to have to remove the dress and change into something else so that when I turned around, I wouldn’t see those terrible visible panty lines again.




Thongs do not have any visible lines. Thongs and G-strings may not be as comfortable as full-coverage panties, but they will eliminate any visible panty lines that would otherwise ruin your clothing.
Shapewear, also called Spanx, helps in creating a smooth line under your clothes. They are long and go all the way up to the stomach to help erase unsightly visible panty lines. Pick them in the right sizes and ensure they aren’t too loose to be seamless.
Seamless shorts are briefs for women. They feature seamless designs that have a comfortable feel. Their edges are thin making them invisible under clothes. Plus, the material has a smooth comfortable snug and the legholes are usually low or high rise sexy bikini cut
If you want to go beyond thongs, then try underwear stickers, otherwise called stick-on thongs. Since they don’t have any waistband, they come in handy if you’re wearing a super tight-fitting dress that also happens to have major side slits like the picture below. Some of these stick-on thongs are reusable and washable.
Boyshorts are great because they go right under the curve of the butt cheek instead of cutting across it. They are comfy and shape up just perfect.



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