Edging Will Make Your Orgasm More Powerful


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Have you just started to feel the pleasure of an orgasm only to find out that it has abruptly come to an end?

More often than not, people do not practice the control needed not to cum quickly. This technique is called edging.

While you may be satisfied, others are often left wishing that the peak of their pleasure lasted just a few seconds longer.

Don’t worry, everyone has felt this way regardless of how amazing intercourse was with a partner. Thankfully, there is a practice that allows a person to learn how to delay their orgasm so that they can maximize their experience.

What Is Edging

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This is when individual learns to completely control their climaxes so that they regulate when they actually finish. Imagine being able to get to the brink of an amazing orgasm and being able to hold off fromblasting your load.

This is what edging is all about. Often called prolonged orgasms, it allows you to hit the point of no return and stop yourself from finishing.

Some people that practice this method will get to the brink of cumming 3 – 5 times before they actually let themselves to climax. This can be very frustrating for a partner, but it can help a person that finishes quickly prolong their fun.

How Does It Increases Pleasure for Women

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Women often complain that they finish too early. This is especially true during oral sex. As a woman, you will usually feel as if you are coming close to peak and completely stop.

A few seconds later and you are jolting wondering how you cum so quickly. Edging allows ladies to control this moment so that they can hang on to the intensity of an climax longer without actually finishing.

This will lead to an obvious increase in pleasure and may make sex more enjoyable. If you are the type of woman that cannot have intercourse after an oral orgasm, this will heighten your experience even further.

How It Fixes Premature Ejaculation

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Men that suffer from PE simply cannot regulate their process of cumming. This may be because of excitement, fear or even anxiety in some cases.

While you may be extremely attracted to your partner, there is little that can be done to help you stop ejaculating prematurely outside of medication or edging.

Since this technique is all about control, you will learn when climax is approaching and actually be able to build up the amount of time you can regulate yourself from finishing. For a person that ejaculates too early, this can be a blessing.

Ultimately, its practice makes you come to the point of having orgasm and pause before ejaculating. This is very hard to do and may take weeks or months to master, but it will stop you from premature ejaculation quickly.

Keep in mind! The stamina increase seen after just a few short weeks is going to be dramatic and lead to longer, more pleasurable sex.

What Is Point of No Return (PONR)

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This, also known as PONR, is the moment right before a person finishes. This is the occasion when you are feeling an immense sensation that is not able to be described in words but ultimately leads to you letting loose and cum.

When it comes to edging, the PONR is the point where one more second of pleasure will lead to cumming. This is the time that this process prepares you for so that they can control what will happen next.

If you are practicing, this is the point where you will want to pause, pull up your pants and practice again later. This is where your pleasure is so intense that you will lose your command. Even advanced practitioners lose it at times.

Eventually, you will be able to hit PONR and stop yourself from going furtherer. This is when you have enough control to actually choose when you ejaculate.

Step by Step Guide to Better Stamina with Edging

Anyone that has tried edging before or wants to increase their stamina can do so by following our intense guide. Remember, this will take practice, but you will be able to last longer and have a more pleasurable orgasm as a result.

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1. Get Proper Lube

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The proper lube is essential for both men and women. This technique will be prolonged masturbation and without lubrication, you will feel immense discomfort.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Water based – If a lube contains water, it will lead to easy cleanup, but you will need to reapply it during practicing.
  • Non-water based – This type of lube will be messy, but you will not need to reapply it.

The right lubrication is a personal preference, but non-water based solution seems to be a favorite in the edging community.

2. Start Masturbating

This is the next step in the process. Slowly start masturbating and allot 20 – 30 minutes for a complete session.

If you have a difficult time getting going, you can look at pictures or videos to begin the stimulation process.

3. Maintain Deep Breathing

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This is an age old practice that has been shown to help people gain control of their bodies and actions.

When a person deep breathes, they are able to relax, be in the moment and maintain their regulation much longer.

You can train yourself to do this by:

  • Consciously breathing in deeply.
  • Counting the time it takes to inhale and exhale.
  • 2 to 3 seconds will suffice.

Keep in mind! Doing deep breathing prior to edging to make it effective.

4. Be in Control over Your Arousal & Need to Orgasm

The entire practice of edging is to ensure that you do not orgasm. Furthermore, this is a time to learn about your body and how to control your overall arousal.

Not only will you learn how to last longer and feel more pleasure, you will know how you can stay aroused for longer.


5. Approach Your Point of No Return Carefully

This point should be approached gradually. This is the time right before you finish and it can be impossible to pause when first starting out.

If you keep orgasming, approach the PONR slowly. This may be several seconds before you cum and completely stopping. Eventually, you will be able to reach the edge without actually finishing.

6. Do Not Worry If You Go over (PONR)

As you progress with edging, you will find that it is sometimes really hard to follow. Sometimes, we simply cannot control ourselves and will orgasm as a result.

Keep in mind: If this happens, brush it off. In fact, this will and does happen to everyone occasionally.

2 Extra Tips

A) Try It Together with Your Partner

A partner can help you reach the PONR much faster than your own hand will. This will allow you to have a very fun and intimate moment where you can fully control yourself. Ask her or him if they would like to try this.

Oftentimes, you will both learn how to edge together and build up your stamina and pleasure levels as a couple.

B) Introduce Toys into The Equation

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If you do not have a partner to help you with edging, you can buy some very fun toys that will be far more pleasurable than your hand.

Men can try:

  • Flashlight (consider Stamina Training Unit for utmost pleasure)
  • Prostate massager

Women should consider using:

  • Vibrator
  • Dildo
  • Ben-wa balls

Trust me: You will love adding these into your love life!

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