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Electrifying Black Beauty Was The Beauty Theme On Women Last Week



he spark of genius can be found w. creativity meets originality and last week, Black women proved this to be true. Whether it was a red carpet appearance or vacation slay, t. was certainly more than enough spark emitting from these women to light up an entire postal code. As a matter of fact, the beauty looks spotted last week were insanely electrifying. 

The Looks

If we were to color code sparks of electricity, yellow would surely show up more than once. This is because the color is both intense and powerful. Hollywood sweetheart, Yara Shahidi, certainly got wind of this and worked it to her favor. The Black-ish star opted for a subtle face beat brought alive with flashes of yellow eyeliner. In between the colorful wings and her well-laid edges, Shahidi’s look was undoubtedly a knock out. 


For some reason, a smokey eye look seems to be a favorite of celebs and beauty influencers in 2022 and we’re . for it! Last week, actress Gabrielle Union was seen on Instagram in a well-executed smokey eye. As per the method, the rest of her makeup was kept to a minimal while her eyes commanded all the attention. The look was every inch as effortless as the star herself. 


Jackie Aina has taken jumbo twists to a whole new level! The beauty blogger went max on length as well as size and the result is irresistible. Think of it as the perfect blend of glam and edge, surely.


Check out the electrifying Black beauty looks we spotted last week…

Janet Jackson

Gabrielle Union

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Garcelle Beauvais

Chloe Bailey

Yara Shahidi

Photo: @yarashahidi/Instagram

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Winnie Harlow

Jackie Aina

Linda Osifo

Bengine Eliscar

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