Endless Acne? 4 Common Things You Do That Can Make It Worse


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Have you had to deal with endless acne and you keep wondering what you’re doing wrong? Yep, it’s probably you!

With acne, sorry to burst your bubble, it could be something as seemingly simple as overdoing what you thought was the right way to tackle it! No doubt treating acne is frustrating and gets worse if it doesn’t get the type of treatment it should.

You know it’s acne when there are blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, greasy skin and scarring. Treating it takes patience and obviously over the counter creams/prescriptions or treatments! They sure get better when treated but you want to make sure you are not making it worse. If you notice they won’t go then it’s time to check if you’re NOT doing these things for a start.



Testing’ different products

(Nail That Accent)

If your motto is ‘lemme try this one again for my acne’, then you’re the real cause .. When treating acne, it’s best to go easy on trying different products without waiting to find out/be patient for results!

Using different formulas on the skin doesn’t do it good. First off know your skintype and use products that work for them. Don’t go about testing different products people throw your way so you don’t make it worse and even horrifying ending up with mismatch skintones, you know that ‘fanta face and coke body’ drill?

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Scrubbing hard


Exfoliating too hard doesn’t benefit the skin in any way. When you scrub too hard you end up bruising the delicate or tearing into it which largely leaves you with scars so it’s a NO. Handle your skin gently because they are delicate. With the facial skin you need to be extra gentle so you don’t end up with irritated skin. Work scrubs into the skin for instance in gentle circular motions.



There’s something as overwashing and don’t even get us started about how oily your skin is! Don’t strip the skin of necessary moisture by overwashing it! We understand you want to make sure to get rid of oils and all but overwashing will only make it worse, the skin needs nutrients and you don’t want it over producing oils, this is exactly what happens when you overwash the skin. Make it twice daily, morning and night time and that’s just enough.

Picking the skin

Yes we understand it’s almost impossible to not be tempted to burst or pinch that pimple but don’t otherwise you will end up with blemishes and dark spots. Instead apply topical creams or gently dab on toothpaste overnight to dry it off.

How else do you deal with acne? For more skincare bits, we’ve got you!



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