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English language has a lot of tricky words in its vocabulary but ADVISE and ADVICE are two different words that are especially difficult to keep track of.


The confusion of Advise and Advice is a common written error. Both the words share the same .. They both come from the French word “avys” which means “Opinion”.

Now, let’s jump down to the business of the day ????


Have you ever found yourself puzzled about when to use “ADVISE” and when to use “ADVICE“? ????????????

I know, it can be a head-scratcher and can be very very confusing… People dey use them wrongly like mad.


99.9% of people use it wrongly!

Let’s unravel this language mystery together in this post.

Now, over to you ????

What is the Difference between ADVISE and ADVICE?

When Do You Use ADVISE Correctly and When Do You Use ADVICE Correctly?

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