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Jennifer Enujiugha is a 26 year-old plus-size model, choreographer and VJ/compere from Anambra State. The beautiful, dark-skinned graduate of crop production and protection from Abia State University is the current Miss Curvy Nigeria Top Model. In this interview with Juliet Ebirim, Jennifer who is also a creative consultant bares her mind on her plans, journey as a plus-size model, relationship and more. Excerpts…

What’s your take on plus-size modeling in Nigeria?

Plus-sized models are not appreciated as they ought to be, knowing fully well that almost all African women have the tendency to be plus-sized. Even if they were skinny before marriage,when they get married and after childbirth, they become plus-sized. We don’t appreciate them (curvy and plump models), we chase after skinny models but the truth is the westerners are beginning to accept the fact that there should be a place for the plus-sized in the fashion world. In the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, they had plus-sized models everywhere. Here in Nigeria, it’s difficult to see three plus-sized models on a runway show and that’s not nice. Most people who come to watch the shows are plump, but if they discover the outfits being showcased are for skinny people, they wouldn’t be motivated to go for them. A lot of people don’t know, but plus-sized modeling is a goldmine that’s yet to be harnessed in Nigeria.

How do you juggle modeling with other things you do?

Because I’m passionate about it, I don’t really see it as work. I enjoy doing it and besides, they’re all ., still the same industry – creative consultancy, VJ/compere, modeling, choreography – they’re all entertainment. It’s easy for me to combine them all. I was the logistics manager for last year’s ‘Dance with Peter’ reality TV show

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What are you working on at the moment?

I’m the current Miss Curvy Nigeria Top Model, I’m yet to hand over though. I represent plump models in every fashion show. I’m working on a project for the plus-sized. I want to get plump ladies to appreciate the fact that they are beautiful. It doesn’t matter their skin color, size or shape. You may be plump and still beautiful. You just have to be confident. Confidence is the best make-up you can wear. The project is aimed at changing the way Nigerians see plus-size people. It will also reduce the rate of anorexia and suicidal thoughts. When some of these plump people are rejected by the people they like, they tend to think that it’s because of their size. No, the person rejecting you doesn’t know what he wants.

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