EXPOSED! 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Trust Your Best Friend With Your MAN/BOYFRIEND


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As they say, women can be their own worst enemies and as much as I thought this was just hate speech, I have come to see the whole point of this phrase.

So, when it comes to relationships, there are a few things to consider as a lass and one of those things is: how close should allow your best friend to come to your boyfriend?

I’m sure that we all have our own ways of dealing with such, but in all honesty, I tend to think that letting your BFF get too close to your dude is just a time bomb waiting to explode!

Personally, I’m not for the idea of trusting a best friend around your boyfriend, because it starts with introduction, then most dates she tags along, then your boyfriend takes her number in case he calls and you don’t pick up, then next thing he checks up on her or vice versa and then the tables turn…

Well, here are 6 reasons why I think it’s only safe to keep your bestie away from your boyfriend.

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1. A WOMAN IS A MAN’S  GREATNESS WEAKNESS: Men cannot escape a day without thinking or contemplating about the nature of women and their beauty. At times, a man will desire a lady even when she is not his girlfriend, lover or wife. The same case can apply to your dear boyfriend when he spends too much time with your BFF. He may start noticing that she has bigger boobs, has a round sexier ass than yours, has gorgeous eyes that ooze sex and the next thing he may want to do is take her for a good ‘ride’, even if he does not want to have a romantic relationship with her… something simply called LUST!

2. IF YOUR BFF IS SINGLE: Well, I think that when we are in a new relationship, the first person we introduce to our man is our best friends (girlfriends), which is okay. But when that best friend is single and especially if he met you when you were with her, then the possibility of being too free with her are higher. Keep in mind that if she is single, she may seem like you back when you were in your singleton, who could be the one he fell in love with.

3. YOUR BFF IS A LOT LIKE YOU: So this is your best friend, you are close, you like the same things, resent the same things, go to the same places… basically, this is like your twin (not entirely though). So what makes you think that what he liked about you, he won’t like in her? What’s not to like about her? The next thing you know, they are getting along better with each other than you… don’t say you weren’t warned.

4. SHE WILL BE THE ONE HE RUNS TO WHEN YOU GOT ISSUES: We all have been through this..if you fight with your guy, he runs to your BFF to tell her all your problems, and in the process, gets closer to her and begins trusting her since she will sit down and listen. This may lead your boyfriend to seeing qualities in her that you don’t have.. and believe me, this is the start of the end of your sweet relationship!

5. IF YOUR BFF IS HOTTER THAN YOU: Don’t dare roll your eyes, this is one of the biggest problems when it comes to ladies dealing with their best friends when in a relationship. Let’s just be honest, a man is easily attracted to a woman who is beautiful or has better looks.. come on, which man will go running after an ugly chic? Looks come before personality, then later, the man decides if the woman is worth dating. So, just because she is your best friend, what makes you think that he will not be attracted to her beauty? It’s better to keep her at bay.

6. WHEN YOU BREAK-UP, SHE MAY JUST BE YOUR SUCCESSOR: Well, well….I know this may hurt, but while your guy was busy running to your girl when you fought, they formed a bond. And that shoulder she gave him to lean on, brought them closer and they got to understanding of each other more. Another thing, if the break up was too painful, or he’s a vicious dude, he might just date your best mate to get back at you.. and there is nothing as painful as seeing your BFF with your ex-boyfriend.. we don’t want you going suicidal.

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