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Bob Haircuts =The Classic Hair style!

Bob haircuts are always in season! They look great on everyone and they have a way of instantly making you look glamorous and they come in a variety of cuts and styles for you to have your pick from.

Are you thinking of what hairstyle to rock next, or maybe you’ll like to wear your hair short for a bit but not sure exactly how. We have 7 bob haircuts for you to draw inspiration from, and the great thing is you can also do some of these styles with your natural hair.

  1. The Sleek Straight Bob

This look is a winner any day, celebs like Kim Kardashian have made it popular in recent times. If you’re not too adventurous then straight and sleek is the way to go.

Bob haircuts

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2. The Razor cut bob

The razor cut bob is a contemporary style with an edgy playful vibe. This look is achieved with a razor blade so you probably shouldn’t try this at home.

Bob haircuts


3. Curly Bob

Who said bob had to be straight? They must belong in another planet because where we live you can experiment with different hair textures and colours, till you find a look that suits your taste.

Bob haircuts


4. Short Layered Bob With Side Bangs

There’s something about the layers and bangs in this hair cut that is chic and screams boss lady. This look is simple but you’ll definitely make a statement with it.

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Bob haircuts


5.  The Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

We love this look because you can rock it everywhere. It’s pretty stylish but still work appropriate.

Bob Haircuts


6. The Pixie Bob Haircut

Even though this haircut has been around for decades, the look is pretty timeless. It’s perfect for when you want a pixie but with the added length of a bob.

Bob haircuts


7. The Braided Bob

What do you call a braided bob? A brob! Ok we just made that up! We just love how effortless this look is. To add some drama, simply accessorize and you’re ready to stop traffic!

Bob Haircuts


Which of these styles would you be trying out?





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