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Facial steaming is a great way way to refresh dull tired skin and also nourish and cleanse oily skin. It’s an easy and affordable way to get a facial without spending a dime at the spa.

With facial steaming in your beauty routine, you’ll notice your skin get clearer overtime. Read on to see the amazing benefits this steam treatment offers your face.

Facial steaming


  1. It’s Deep cleansing

Steam penetrates deep into your skin, opens up your pores and removes deep seated dirt, grime and sebum. It also softens blackheads, making them easier to extract.

2. Facial Steaming Can Prevent Acne

The steam unclogs your pores and releases excess sebum, dead skin cells and grime that could result in acne.

Facial steaming


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3. It Aids Exfoliation

Steaming alone won’t exfoliate your skin, but it loosens up dead skin cells causing them to fall off quicker. For best results follow up steaming with exfoliating your face and then finish with a clay mask. You won’t believe the texture of your face afterwards. Be sure to massage gently and not scrub when using manual exfoliants.

4. Facial Steaming boosts circulation

The hot steam hitting your face dilates your blood vessels, boosting circulation. This boost of blood flow nourishes your skin and delivers oxygen straight into your cells. The result is a natural, health glow.

Facial steaming


5. It Aids The Absorption Of skin care products

This is another amazing benefit of facial steaming. You would notice your skincare products absorb better and faster right after a steam. This means that you get the full benefit of the products you buy and then see results sooner.

Ready to get hot and steamy? This video by Jackie Aina below will show you exactly how to do it.




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