Fashion Tips for the Petite Woman


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Finding the right fit for the everyday petite woman seems to be a big plight. Walking into a store, a lot of clothes seem to be of your fancy, but just by looking at the size, you are left with facing the reality of it not being a perfect fit for you. So, you end up wishing that things could just be different. Well, say goodbye to sunken faces and hullo to fun shopping!!

 . are some flattering outfit ideas that will definitely make you stand tall.


For the petite ladies, when it comes to trousers, the flared and straight-legged ones tops the list. Why? This is because the flared and straight jeans has a way of adding more inches to the stem, thereby making you taller. It ends up creating the illusion that your legs actually go from your waist right to the ground. Also, skinny jeans do come into . especially when they are being cropped right above the ankle.



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When it comes to dresses, it is advised to keep the print and color pretty simple and also the length to the knee, as this will help to enhance the petite frame. It shows a hint of skin between the dress and the shoes, thereby creating the picture of longer legs.




So every lady ought to have a skirt or two in her wardrobe. (I seem to have a lot!) So, why should you be left out? When picking out skirts, it is recommended that you try as much as possible to keep it simple, with little or no fuss.


I personally believe that every petite woman ought to have a few jackets in her wardrobe. It is a go-to outfit for almost anything. When shopping for jackets, always go for the fitted and semi-fitted ones in order to create a flattering look.

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