Yes we said it, the fear of village people is a good enough reason to have a small wedding. If you’re Nigerian, then you most likely know the meaning of village people. But for the sake of those who don’t know, we’ll explain.

Village people are people who might be your relatives or family members, but they don’t want you to make progress. Village people can also be people who are not . to you, but for some reason they just dislike you and have decided to be your enemies for life. Whichever set of village people you have around you, they’re a good enough reason for you to have a small wedding.

Most Nigerian couples like to have big weddings, but the problem with big weddings is that many people who attend do not have your best interests at heart. Some of these enemies only gossip about your clothes and how the small chops was not enough.

The evil done by village people

However, some of them have evil intentions towards you, and they bring all that negative energy into your space at a time when you’re vulnerable. Some of them come up close to you and show you fake smiles even while they’re stabbing you in their hearts. And some of them can even decide to go the full village people way and do jazz against you.

Fear Of Village People Is A Good Reason To Have A Small Wedding

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If you don’t believe in jazz or juju, it’s okay. But if you believe in jazz and village people, then you might want to have a small wedding. Having a small wedding will ensure that there are less village people around you on your big day.

Why small weddings are bae

Small weddings are intimate affairs that cause you less stress and worry. They also give you room to interact with your guests. You don’t have to worry about food getting finished or strange women coming to rub your stomach in the name of spraying you money.

If you’re concerned about the risks of having a big wedding, then by all means have a small wedding. You will definitely have more fun not to mention peace of mind. But if you’re strong enough to deal with a big wedding, village people and all, we wish you good luck and God speed.

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