Feminist slams Caitlyn Jenner,says she transitioned to steal the 'Kardashian' limelight'


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Controversial feminist Germaine Greer claims Bruce Jenner had a sex-change to become Caitlyn so he could enjoy the same limelight as his Kardashian daughters.

The Australian hit out at the reality star after she was rumoured to be in the frame to be crowned Glamour’s Woman of the Year.Greer accused the magazine of ‘misogyny’ and said a transgender person should never be considered a better woman than someone born female.

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Speaking on BBC2’s Newsnight programme, she said:

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 ‘It seems to me that what was going on there was that he/she wanted the limelight that the other, female, members of the family were enjoying and has conquered it, just like that.”I think misogyny plays a really big part in all of this, that a manwho goes to these lengths to become a woman will be a better woman than someone who is just born a woman. ‘I’m not saying that people should not be allowed to go through that [sex change] procedure. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t make them a woman. It happens to be an opinion. It’s not a prohibition.’

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