Find Out How Nylon Bag Can Make Your Hair Grow


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We’re sure you’re wondering what a nylon bag has got to do with growing your hair. What we’re referring to is something called the baggy method. And when we’re done ., you might be saving all the nylon bags you can lay your hands on.
What is the baggy method?

The baggy method is simply the act of locking in moisture into your hair strands using a plastic bag. One of the major causes of hair breakage is dryness. So the idea is to keep your hair as moisturized as possible and you can achieve this with a plastic bag.

The baggy method is not to be confused with doing a pre-poo which you do before you wash your hair and then wash your hair afterwards. The baggy method is done on already washed and dried hair and you don’t rewash the hair afterwards.

Baggy method

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How it works

You apply your preferred moisturizer on clean dry hair and massage it in properly. Wear a nylon bag over your hair if it’s short and if it’s long, you can pack your hair into a ponytail and put the nylon bag or shower cap over it. You might want to tie a scarf over the nylon bag to keep it in place because you’re going to be leaving it on over-night.

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The baggy method works by utilizing your body heat and using the moisture that ordinarily would have evaporated. The heat from the nylon bag opens up your cuticles and allows it to fully absorb moisture.

Benefits of doing the baggy method:
  • Hair is softer and more manageable
  • Hair is healthier and more moisturized.
  • Seals the cuticles and can help with split ends.
baggy method


The baggy method doesn’t exactly stimulate hair growth but it prevents breakage by imparting moisture deeply into your hair, which would help you retain length. So yes, your hair would get longer in the long run so it’s definitely worth a shot.

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. Find Out How Nylon Bag Can Make Your Hair Grow . fashionstyle.


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