Five Reasons Why You Need To Write Your Own Wedding Vows


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Wedding vows are the core of every marriage ceremony and a very important aspect of the nuptial ritual. Reciting some archaic lines after a priest while exchanging your vows is the norm, but how sincere are those words when they were scripted by some other person? Writing one’s wedding vows has to be with a committed effort for the would-be-couple, not from a poetry that has been passed on through several generations.

Writing vows for your wedding makes it unique and different from other wedding ceremonies. Weddings are said to be a lady’s thing, but when it comes to the vows – both parties need to pen down how they feel about each other, as well as their sincere promises to each other. However, if you still feel cool repeating what the priest reads out to you, just remember that your words are in the best position to tell your bride/groom how much s/he means to you.

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It is important to write out your wedding vows. That task won’t be easy but if you are one person looking at a memorable ceremony then, trust me reciting your own vows would make your wedding stand out because these words would mean a lot to your spouse for the rest of your married life. Although writing of wedding vows is not common in Nigeria and other African countries, it is of essence that you adopt the idea. In an instant, where your ceremony must go by the pre-set vows, you can share your own personal vows during the reception, maybe before the toasts. Notwithstanding, these reasons below should convince you to write your own wedding vow.

1. It Makes Your Marriage Feels Sacred

The wedding vows make the wedding and is considered as sacred as the marriage institution. Sacred because they are promises you want to live by. In the Bible, God honored his promises because they were sacred to him. So what better ways to commit to your marriage through the sacred vows you commit yourself to birthing from your own words?

2. It Helps You Express Your True Feelings to Your Spouse

As mentioned early, your words are in a better position to tell your partner how much you love them, and want to spend your entire life with them. You don’t have to dedicate one day to put this vow together. One well-thought sentence per day will get you a full page of sincere and romantic wedding vow within a month. So just as you plan the wedding decor, souvenir and food,  factor in time to think out and write your vow.

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3. It Reveals to Your Spouse How Much S/he Means to You

If there were many suitors and you chose one out of the lot, then obviously there were some special reasons. When you write your own wedding vows you are making that person you chose feel and know how much they rock your world, how incomplete you are without them and ultimately makes them know that you have found your soul mate.

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4. It Makes The Ceremony So Special

The beauty of a romantic scene is when everyone around the two main people involved take part in enjoying the ambiance of love, and that is exactly what will happen in your wedding ceremony when you read out your own words as a vow. When you write your wedding vows, you help contribute in making your wedding ceremony special. Your guests will feel the passion in the words that were exchanged more than they will feel that which you repeated after your pastor.

5. It Makes Your Wedding Unique & Memorable

How would you feel having to set the pace for others to follow.  There is a possibility that many people will learn from your wedding vows recital experience and decide to pattern their wedding after yours. A woman once advised a bride-to-be to write her own wedding vows, stating that she did same and that was the secret of their marriage.

6. It Differentiates Your Wedding from Others

Writing and reciting your wedding vows would clearly set you part from other colleagues who are also married. As it is said, the secret in marriage is not about getting married but the secret is in staying married. Writing your wedding vows together comes with a commitment and could highlight what you intend to do in the marriage and what you intend to see happen in the marriage, hence writing them together makes meaning and would clearly distinct your marriage from marriages based on pre-set vows.

It will also help you keep your vows as opposed to saying words that have been said over and over again, and is beginning to loose it’s value. In a nut shell, wedding vows are a huge deal because they help in joining the couple, strengthening their bond and sealing the deal. Plan to write yours, and advise your spouse to do same. By so doing, you won’t need to say words that mean nothing to you, to the one who means everything to you.

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