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If you are looking for a very simple and elegant style, flat twists for natural hair is the way to go. Flat twists look great on everyone and they are super versatile.

You can pick from a variety of styles and slay at any occasion. They can be done up into a chic updo or loosened for a clean curly twist out. And you know the awesome part? You can totally do it yourself. Here’s how:


1. Prep Your Hair

Before you begin flat twisting your hair, ensure that your hair is properly washed and conditioned. Your scalp will be exposed to dirt and pollution so it’s best to cleanse it properly before you start.

2. Section Your Hair

With a rat tail comb, section/part the quantity of hair to be flat twisted from the rest. How chunky or thin you want your twists to be is totally up to you. Depending on the style you want, you can start from the front, back or center of your head.

flat twists for natural hair

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For clarification and ease of explanation, we will explain how to flat twist from front to back (all back flat twists)

Depending on the shape of your face, you might want to do a side or center part. Part and twist your hair one section at a time to avoid it getting all tangled and messed up.

3. Twist Your Hair

Flat twists for natural hair require a lot of patience and practice to ensure it comes out smooth and has a firm hold. When twisting, start at the hairline and split the sectioned out hair into two parts. Now, wrap the two parts around each other, the same way you would when doing regular two-strand twists. Wrap them continuously with enough tension to give it a strong hold but not too much so as not to cause any pain or breakage. As you twist backwards, use your fingers to split your row of hair and feed it into the twist. Think of the way you do your cornrows, incorporating new splits of hair into the strands being woven. Replicate this process until you reach the base of your head.

Flat twists for natural hair

(Photo: Sumetrareed)

4. Finishing Touches

T. are a variety of ways you could choose to finish off your twists. You could either do a regular two strand twist or a tiny Bantu knot. You could also choose to coil the free hair with any coiling method of your choice. Add a few spritz of hair spray or mousse to give that extra hold and you are all done!

Check out this easy flat twist tutorial for a more explanatory, visual guide.




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