Flirty Pieces To Help You Kick Start Your Trail To Uber-feminismZUMI


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Let your mind travel back to these flirty pieces anytime you are in the mood to get your girly on with your outfit. With that, you don’t have to do the talking anymore!

As we all know, the different elements of any outfit determine the type of vibe it would exude in the long run. For this article, we are focusing on the make-up of an entire look but with a flirty vibe. This scores an important position on the flirt tip list because this type of look can go south easily. However, with our flirty pieces guide, you don’t have to worry about all of that. Read, implement and slay respectively!


This element is pretty acquainted with the clan. All you have to do is be strategic with styles as well as fabric – lightweight and delicate fabrics precisely. The lining underneath creates an important factor as well so get with the mood!

Flirty Pieces

Instagram / Joselyn Dumas

Micro Hemlines

Micro hemlines can go south real quick but there’s always a way to strike a balance. They fall at the bottom so it is advised that the rest have some kind of conservative feel to it, keeping your classy side in check!

Flirty Pieces

Instagram / Mariipvzz

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Loose .

This option might be the simplest and classiest of the bunch. Why? This is because . shirts are mostly conservative. All you have to do to change the vibe is to lose a few of them.

Flirty Pieces

Instagram / Serrabellum

Cut Outs

Cut-outs in the right places like the midriff and the shoulders make a great option. They could take your look to a whole new level – one that you would love to be on!

Flirty Pieces

Instagram / Whitney Madueke

Having the knowledge of how to pair these elements in a classy manner goes a long way. It determines how the whole looks would turn out. Keep in mind that moderation is key if you are opting for this vibe!

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