Flower Girl Dresses? What Would You Have To Have At Your Wedding? ( Vote )Fashion Style


flower girl outfits for weddings

These dresses are everything!

All weddings have to have flower girls right? Now you have to decide on the design and the style and how it fits in to your wedding theme. Flower girls are the key factors to see if your wedding will be an amazing one or a flop right? So down to business, choosing flower girl dresses you must consider certain factors, the age of the girls, the weather the length and the material. Now we have two contestants battling it up, scroll down and let’s vote!

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. Are The Two Gorgeous Flower Girl Dresses:
1. Classical Green Dresses.

These flower girls dresses are everything! I love the colour especially, green; well you got me! These girls look so classy in their puffy green dresses with pearl beading detail. Even their earrings are matching with the dress.

flower girl outfits for weddings

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2. Wedding Gown Inspiration.

How cute do these flower girls look in their wedding dress inspired outfits? From the flower head crown to the lace detail of their dresses, I already know what I’ll go for. Seeing these beautiful girls walking down the aisle are sure to cause some emotional storm in the church.

flower girl outfits for weddings

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I already know which flower girl dress I would have in my wedding. So ladies you better vote and let’s see which is the most loved outfit.

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