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Foods that Fight Cancer : Lower Your Risk of Cancer Naturally

Foods that Fight Cancer

The best foods that fight cancer are those that have the ability to prevent the spread of cancer cells. It is also important to eat foods that stop the formation of these cancer cells. Whenever you can prevent illness from becoming a problem, it is advisable to do so. Below are some known foods that can fight cancer.



Wheatgrass is a kind of micro-leaf, a young plant harvested between 1 and two weeks. You can easily grow wheat grass on your patio or in a pot which can hold at least 2 to 3 inches of soil. Wheat grass is full of K, B, C, E and A in vitamins it is also an excellent reservoir of magnesium, iron, calcium, lecithin, and a number of amino acids that can neutralize carcinogenic reagents or chemicals.


Carotenoids a substance in carrots acts as an antioxidant which is an effective nutrient against cancer, mainly it inhibits cancer of the rectum. For better results, eat them in salads or raw.



Tomatoes also should be part and parcel of your everyday diet. Tomatoes can be taken raw, add them to the salad or eat them after cooking. Tomatoes are known to have lycopene a carotenoid known to fight cancer, specifically that of the prostate.

The goodness with tomatoes is that they can be easily accessed at any season of the year hence no excuse of excluding tomatoes from your daily diet.

Vegetables rich in fiber

Green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce and more especially those rich in fiber are known to fight cancer. Some legumes like beans and peas can also provide fiber. Fiber can specifically prevent you from cancer of the colon. Fiber is also known to aid digestion and also contributes to your overall health.



Garlic is another fantastic cancer-fighting food that helps reduce the risk of various cancers related to the colon, stomach, and sinuses. It is a general food easy to access when compared to other foods which cannot be easily obtained by average citizens.


Everyone knows that some fruits are more useful to the body than others. For example, an orange or lemon is very beneficial to the body, but some fruits such as pomegranates and grapefruit can be even more helpful. They have incredibly high levels of antioxidants.


Then t. are the superfoods. These foods contain incredibly high amounts of nutrients that fight cancer. These superfoods are garlic, onion, almonds, and berries. With cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, they can be an essential part of a diet to fight cancer.

It will also be imperative to supplement your diet with herbs and vitamins. Some potent foods to fight cancer cannot be found in foods that are usually available at the supermarket. Herbs such as astragalus and ginkgo can be very successful.

Educate your fellows, fight this condition and assist your loved ones in fighting it by including these known foods that have an incredible ability to fight cancer. The best part is that all these foods that fight cancer are not only easy to access, but also very affordable.


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