For Brides And Grooms: 4 Types Of Wedding Crashers And Ways To Deal With Them


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Preparations for your wedding are in place, the food, the decoration, the outfits and lastly the guests. Your guests have all confirmed attendance but despite everything, some uninvited person shows up at your wedding without an invite. What do you do then?

Inspired by The Knot, here are different types of wedding crashers and how to handle them:

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1. The strangers: These are the most common people who crash weddings, especially if your wedding is a big one and held in a public venue. There isn’t much you can do to prevent strangers from crashing your party especially if it’s not a private one with bouncers stationed at the entrance. The best you can do in this case is to have friends or relatives who have very watchful eyes to look out for unfamiliar faces who are more interested in the food than celebrating with the couple or their dress sense are just totally different from the other guests. Be calm about it, let your friend, relative or wedding planner know so they can approach these strangers privately and see them out of the venue peacefully.

2. The vendors: Yes, your vendors could be crashing your wedding. Imagine when the vendors you hired show up early to help themselves to the meals you prepared to serve guests! This could be a big problem for you, so make sure you instruct whoever you hire properly, put into writing what they should and shouldn’t do. For orderliness, you can put one of your bridesmaids probably the sharpest of them to keep an eye on everyone hired to make your wedding memorable, they shouldn’t put up with drunk singers, servers or photographers. Let the person in charge thrash out such issues with your vendor so you can enjoy your wedding and get your fees worth

3. The additions: If you have no intention of inviting an extra person to your wedding when sending out invitations then specify how many people the invite admits. If an invited guest brings an extra person, then it’s their problem to take care of them not yours. Let your wedding planner provide an extra seat for them but if the arrangements cannot be reversed then it’s okay for the date to seat far away from the wedding guest originally invited.

4. The children: If you do not want kids at your wedding, then specify that it’ll be just an “adults only affair”. But get a backup plan like having extra seats placed at extreme ends of the venue in order to be fair to friends who have kids, this is not to separate them from other adults but help them concentrate better and not cause a scene when the child is making a fuss and distracting other invited guests who didn’t bring along their kids.


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