For Men, 7 Favourite Things That Will Light Her Fire In Bedroom


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Who doesn’t like feeling special? I venture to say that even if you are not looking to be noticed, it sure feels good when your man does something that says I SEE YOU, YOU ARE LOVED AND VALUED and this is how I express my appreciation.

Husbands, this will benefit your marriage. You know your wife better than anyone else. What does it take to spark those flames? Your s*xual drive is high. Her desire to be appreciated is high. Let the two work together. Here are 7 all time favorites to get you started.

1. When she comes out of the shower, be waiting there with a warm towel to wrap her in.
If she likes bathes, have her water ready when she has finished with a long day of work at the office or at home with the kids.

2. Make an effort to notice and comment on the seemingly little things; is she wearing a new perfume, changed her hair, or her smile seems exceptionally captivating.
Go the store and pick up something just for her, even if you don’t like shopping. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money; a special book for her to journal, a pair of earrings, a single rose to

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3. lay on her pillow. It says you were on my mind.

4. Grab her and hold on tight – speak the words I SEE YOU, you do so much for me and the family, I LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE YOU JUST BEING YOU.

5. You and the kids cook her favorite breakfast. Then you take the kids out for a day with dad and let her rest or do whatever she wants.

6. Come up from behind and just kiss her on the neck as she works around the house: Expressing your love and displaying affection doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or time. It does however take a small effort that produces big results in your marriage. You want your wife at the top of her game at all times. Your words contain power. Use your words and actions to build her up. Sure, she is a strong powerful diva whether you take this step or not, but, my my my how much better will the days and nights together be if you make an effort to light her fire?

Remember she is not a pressure cooker. She is more like a crockpot. Start in the morning and slowly turn up the heat throughout the day. Together you will cook up something real good.

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