For Men: Common Signs She Wants to Have Se x With You (Must Read)


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These are common signs a woman is developing se xual attractions for a man which she may not have the confidence to express verbally but through body languages.

As human beings, when we desire something, our body finds ways to show this even when we try to prevent things from being obvious. Since it is very unlikely for a woman to outrightly beg you to have se x with her, you have to keep your eyes open for signs that she wants you. This lets you know when to make your move.

She touches you: Whether you’re having an intimate conversation at a restaurant or dancing up a storm at a nightclub, she’s constantly got her hands all over your body. She feels safe enough to invade your space and is letting you know that she’s comfortable with you.

She stays with you: You’re at a nightclub and all her friends are there. When they decide to go to the dance floor, she opts to hang out with you and chitchat about the little things in life instead.

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She talks about se x: Whether it’s about how bad her past boyfriend was in bed or the fact that she hasn’t felt a man’s skin in months, if she’s talking about se x in a conversation between the two of you, it’s because she has s*x on the brain.

She gives you se xual compliments: She doesn’t mention your new shirt, but rather how great your chest looks. She doesn’t talk about your new pants, but rather how round your butt looks in them. When she compliments your body parts rather than your clothes, perhaps that’s because she wishes she were your garments.

She watches your lips: In most cases, when people engage in conversation, they look in each other’s eyes when they speak. If she constantly stares at your mouth, however, it’s very possible that she’s longing for a little something something from that area of your face.

Word of advice: When you receive strong signals indicating that she wants you in an intimate way, don’t, I repeat don’t ask for permission to kiss her. Take control of the situation and make your move. If she pulls away, then that’s her way of saying no. 

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