Men are known to be providers and are bound to get frustrated when they can’t fulfil that duty as a result some unfavorable factors such as being unemployed.

If someone you like is unemployed and you want to be in a relationship with this person, there are some factors you might need to consider before starting a relationship with such person.

According to relationship expert, Alduan Tartt, the key is to know if your man has ambition or not, if he’s had a job before and for how long.

These factors to consider include:

1. His past behaviour: How long has he held on a job in the past. If he’s worked most of his life and is just temporarily out of a job then that’s actually a good thing because you’re sure he’ll get something better soon.


2. Is he on his feet looking for a job everyday? Instead of sitting in the house.

3. Does he ask you for money every time? This is a major red flag. A responsible man will only collect money from you in extreme conditions and will return as soon as he’s able to save enough to pay back. If he doesn’t do this then you should reconsider dating him.

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