Forget About Dental Implants – Here is How To Regrow your Own Teeth In 9 Weeks!


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Has it ever crossed your mind that you can regenerate teeth and avoid fixture.

Dental implants have become a great solution for us to fill the void after taking a tooth out, but they have their own disadvantages.

There has been a really amazing development in the technology of dental implants that goes far beyond the classic implants and dentures. This development gives you the chance of growing new genuine teeth in your oral cavity.

How to regenerate Teeth in your oral cavity

This research was initiated by Dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University and it led to this amazing development.

Dr. Mao constructed a scaffold for missing teeth which contained stem cells from the body and it helped in regrowing new teeth by using its own DNA. Coming before all others, this technology promises bright future for dental care.

Potential Problems with Dental Implants

Dental implants are an easy way to replace a missing tooth. But they have their disadvantages and can cause some complications.

Take a look at some of the complications:

  • Fixtures cost a lot of money.
  • Fixtures  may  be rejected by the body.
  • The dental implant might not link with the jawbone in a proper way.
  • It can come to infection and in that case the implant is removed
  • If the dentist is not experienced enough it can come to tissue damage

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  • The complications mentioned above suggest that a lot of money and time can be of a waste and bring pain and discouragement if something goes wrong.

The Benefits of Regrowing your Own Teeth

You can avoid the painful and long process of teeth extraction and then implantation and use this technology that gives you the chance of growing your own teeth in just nine weeks (9 weeks is approximately the time that a fixture needs to be placed and accepted by the body).

An enormous advantage of this technology is that it does not use alien materials when replacing the missing tooth.

Your missing tooth is replaced by stem cells from your own body and the grown tooth fuses with the tissue that surrounds it. It is as simple as that.

By using this procedure there is also no need to regenerate the tooth in a cell-culture dish which results in quicker recuperating time.

Is this procedure accessible?

The procedure is not yet accessible and the patent is currently waiting as help in his application as a profitable business is required.

There hasn’t been a better option than dental implants for decades now, but this treatment promises an option that is more natural, that requires shorter recuperating time and that has smaller chances of being rejected by your body.

This is great news for all those people who had wondered what to do if they ever have a missing tooth.

Other breakthroughs in Dentistry

Curing small cavitiy without drilling is yet another breakthrough that is soon expected.

A cavity-filling method, which uses a paste that has similar molecular structure as tooth enamel, has been developed.It works simply. The paste links with the tooth and there is no need of drilling.

One should not forget that the most important thing is the oral hygiene. By using high-quality, natural tooth paste and flossing at least twice a day you have greater chances of keeping your teeth healthy.


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