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Hi Damsels!

Have you ever thought of the fact that we Nigerians can handle things our own way especially when it comes to beauty? Now, think about the travel ban by US President Donald Trump. Think about if the federal government were to take the ban on the importation of foreign goods seriously. The fact still remains that we won’t be much affected if only we learn to appreciate our locally made products.

In the beauty or makeup world for instance, we are fond of patronizing foreign products, but the truth is, our Nigerian products are still much effective. Be rest assured that if you search properly, you can get quality Nigerian makeup brands that will not only last longer, but give you that skin glow or facial glow you need. Now, this is straight from Naija, as you are about to get a beautiful full face makeup tutorial with Nigerian brands.

Full face makeup

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Full face makeup

Beauty vlogger Ronke Raji is using solely using makeup brands either sold in Nigeria or owned by Nigerians, to do a full face of makeup. She’s challenging every patriotic Nigerian to do the same. In her words; “I challenge you no matter where you’re from, do a tutorial using those brands! It’s very important to support brands back home also! So I decided to do my full face using mostly Nigerian brands or brands that you can find in Nigeria! I hope that you can help each other and suggest any other brands I may have omitted in the . section below!”

Watch the video of the full face makeup tutorial;

.: Ronkeraji


Your full face makeup is done using various Nigerian brands. Be proud of your nation. #Proudly Nigerian!


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